Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Order your copies of "God Loveth His Children"

Some of you may wonder how to obtain copies of the new Church brochure, "God Loveth His Children." If you go to and then to Gospel Study Resources and then to pamphlets, booklets and brochures--- "God Loveth His Children" is at the bottom of that list. When you pull it up it says. "This booklet provides counsel for individuals who experience same gender attraction. It is also helpful for their priesthood leaders and family members as well." When I called 1-800-537-5971 to order it, the clerk was very pleasant and it did not require a unit number or credit card or anything else except an address where he will send the 20 pamphlets I asked him to send. They are free and the shipping I assume is free also. I suggest any time we get a chance, like in lessons such as the one many had in September with quotes from President Kimball, it would be a good time to pass out a copy to everyone present. I intend to keep a good supply on hand and use them on such occasions.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

New Church Statements on Homosexuality

LDS Resources is designed for and by believing members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All are welcome here who experience homosexual or same gender attraction (SGA) or who have friends or family members who do. The purpose of this site is to provide resources and discussion to help any who have questions or challenges associated with this topic. All who post here are asked to honor the teachings and ideals of the Church and keep the discussion so it is comfortable for and respectful towards believing members of the LDS Church.

This web site is organized around the 2006 interview of Elder Oaks and Wickman and the new Church pamphlet called "God Loveth His Children."

I think perhaps the most interesting statement in the 2006 interview is the one wherein Elder Wickman says that "There's no denial that one's gender orientation is certainly a core characteristic of any person,..." I believe this is very important because it marks a departure from a time when homosexual attraction was thought to NOT be a core issue, but instead everyone was assumed to be heterosexual and if there were homosexual feelings present, then this was considered to be a troubled kind of heterosexuality. However, it was assumed that when the problem was addressed then the person could be healed and come back to the core heterosexuality everyone was expected to experience.

In fact, at one time I was meeting with an official from LDS Family Services and he told me there is no such thing as a scale like the HH or Kinsey Scale going from homosexual to heterosexual. There were, he said, only heterosexuals with a homosexual problem. That same man told me he had a major role in developing the 1992 Church statement which was replaced by the new "God Loveth His Children." I believe this statement from Elder Wickman has finally moved us away from that 1992 mentality. The new pamphlet also has moved away from the 1992 position. It says "Attractions alone do not make you unworthy." (p. 6) This reinforces the idea that homosexual attraction certainly can be a "core characteristic" for some persons and is not considered a sign of unworthiness.

Do you find this statement interesting or are there other ideas of interest in these new Church statements?